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Start Your Search Here is proud to offer you this search tool to connect you with CVB destination experts. These contacts are the best first point of contact to help you find the right fit for any size meeting in a destination. Click "Search Tips" below before getting started.

  1. First row searches for a city (separate multiple cities with a comma) OR by region.
  2. Second row searches for a destination that is able to accommodate your room block within 1 mile of the convention center/facility OR at a single hotel.

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  1. Search to see contacts at a specific CVB/DMO so you can send them your RFP or "eRFI Link";
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  4. Send out your RFP in minutes with We offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Trial Subscription. This application will allow you to manage all your RFPs in one location and collaborate with your team. It also automates the gathering of hotel responses into an online Grid for you (with 1-click export to Excel). The best part, you can continue to use your CVBs and NSOs to target properties that fit your needs and expectations while eliminating all the manual cutting and pasting to create the grid;
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