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  • Use your CVB, NSO and Hotel contacts and your own RFP;
  • Hotels respond to your RFP in minutes - eRFI response form takes a hotelier just minutes to complete, as opposed to over an hour with an eRFP on other sites;
  • Instant online hotel comparison grid (1-click export to Excel), reduces email clutter and hours of cutting and pasting;
  • Trust the data - we do not alter hotel responses with marketing algorithms like with other sites;
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“I honestly was dreading spending an hour to hear about some program that was going to save us time and money (how often do we hear that?). I am SO glad we made the appointment. I am blown away by what could do for us. I urge anyone that sends out RFPs for their meetings to use”

--Karin Soyster Fitzgerald, CMP, CAE, International Association of Fire Chiefs