Visualize Your Results:

Below please find an example of how can help you visualize responses to your RFP. Data is powerful but visualizing data is even more effective.

  • Click on a balloon to see specific hotel bids to the RFP and note that in this example each color represents a set of bid dates those hotels are offering (Note: Sample is based on historical data for demonstration purposes). On your map, it would display the contact information and availability these hotels were offering for your meeting.
  • Use the Pull down menu in the top right of the map so you can to see a Satellite View, or zoom-in with the slider on the left to see this in Street View. See hotel locations in 360 degrees and in the neighborhoods they are located.
  • Scroll using the bar on the right to see the EZ eRFI response data. Click on a letter and it will take you right to that property on the map.
  • The hotel URL takes you directly to the hotel web site.
  • Customize your map display or what each color balloons represents based on your needs.

This is for demonstration purposes only. Use the scroll bar to the right of the map to see more details.
Ask your representative about add-on features and services related to SourceYourMeeting (SYM) Availability Mapping.