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1.    Complimentary Meeting Resume Template (aka Meetings Specs or RFP)

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2.    PCMA "The Intersection" interview with Peter Hanley

Want to learn how tech can help your meetings? Peter Hanley gives information on wifi, how to learn from tech failures, not fearing early adoption and ultimately communicate with your peers on technology.

3.    "Make It Work" - PCMA Capital Chapter Reboot

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  1. "Make It Work" Presentation (large Adobe pdf)

  2. RFP Sample Template (MS Word .docx file updated 16Apr26)

  3. Find a CVB Contact

"Make it Work" was presented at the PCMA Capital Chapter Reboot July 30, 2015 - Learn to evaluate each stage of the RFP process to ensure you are getting the attention and offers you deserve, even in this sellers' market. Understand how to navigate each stage of the procurement process to get faster responses from more hotels; Design, Distribution, Evaluation, and Response. Gain an understanding of your economic impact and the revenue management perspective of how rates and packages are determined.

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5.    Live Demonstrations

  • Meeting Professionals Orientation    CVB and Hotelier Demo
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